Capability | 8(a) Environmental Consultant

RedFISH provides environmental planning, permitting, restoration, monitoring, and compliance services to a wide range of stakeholders including private corporations, regulators, and conservation groups. 

We have designed and successfully implemented small and large-scale projects across most of the major physiographic provinces of the western U.S. including the Rocky Mountains, the Great Basin, the Desert Southwest, Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest.   

Core services include project management, physical and biological resource inventory and analysis, environmental compliance, ecological restoration, cultural and archaeological resource management, data management, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). We also provide professional and technical support for human health services. In addition, we have teaming agreements in place to provide landscape architecture, engineering, remediation, surveying, and construction services.  



Environmental Services

· Environmental Consulting Services

· Environmental Studies, Assessments and Analytical Support  

· Environmental Remediation  

· Environmental Restoration    

· Study Design and Research  

· Aquatic and Terrestrial Biological Assessments and Investigations  

· Fish, Plant, Wetland, and Wildlife Ecology   

· Natural Resource Damage Assessments  

· Ecological Risk Assessments and Inventories 

· Remedial Investigations   

· Natural Resource Management Plans  

Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

· Environmental Site Assessments (ASTM standard)  

· Phase I Site Assessments  

· Phase II Subsurface Investigations 

· Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC): Licensing and Re-licensing Procedures  

· National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA): Categorical Exclusions (CEs), Environmental Assessments (EAs), and Technical Support for Environmental Impact Statements (EISs)  

· Endangered Species Act: Biological Evaluations and Assessments, and Threatened and Endangered Species Clearances  

· Clean Water Act: Wetland Delineations, Section 404 Permit Applications and Mitigation Plans, and Section 401 Permit Applications  

· Environmental Inspection During Construction and Post-construction Monitoring  

· National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting

· Cultural and Archaeological Inventories 

· Public Involvement 

Professional and Technical Services

· Engineering Services 

· Technical Support Services  

· Health and Safety Technicians  

· Staff Augmentation   

· Temporary Help Services

GIS & Geospatial Technology

· Geographic Information Systems (GIS)  

· Surveying, Mapping  

· Spatial Data Analysis   

· Terrain Modeling  

· Geo-database Design and Management    

· Remote Sensing Unmanned Aerial System for Scientific Applications (Fixed-wing and Multi-rotor) 

· High Resolution Multi-Spectral Aerial Imagery Data Collection (visual, near-infrared NIR, thermal TIR) 

· Aerial Imagery Data Processing. Ortho-rectified Imagery Mosaics With Internal DEM 

· Certified Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) Pilot. UAS/Drone Pilot  

Capability Statement and Statement of Qualifications